Friday, May 6, 2011


I started of with a lot of ideas and as i was creating my piece my ideas changed more and more until the end product wasabsolutly not what i planned. I originally planned to make a nightmare but that nightmare turned into a sculpture collage of things i fear about the future. Questions were raised about why i painted some things and not others such as roses and the rest of hte sculpture. All in all the project went great and i enjoied every minute playing with molding mud and i got a lot of good feedback from the expirence.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lecture Survey

What is your favorite color?
My favorite color differs everyday, simetimes i feel like dressing bright, dark, or casual colors, and sometimes i would dress like a rainbow.
How important is the appearance or design of the following products in your decision to purchase the product?
new car: somewhat
underwear: very
tv set: somewhat
winter coat: very
What is your 2nd favorite color?
i like all colors!
"When you select pictures, photographs, or other pieces of art for your home, do you find you lean more toward modern or more toward traditional styles?"
"If you had to choose from the following list, which type of art would you say you prefer?"
American & European
Which of the following statements applies to you more?
"When choosing pictures, photographs, or other art for my home, I focus on whether or not I like the piece"
Would you say you prefer older objects or newer objects to collect or decorate you home?
older objects
"Would you say that you prefer seing paintings of wild animals, like lions, giraffes, or deer, or that you prefer seeing paintings of domestic animals, like dogs, cats or other pets?"
wild animals
"In general, would you rather see paintings of outdoor scenes or would you rather see paintings of indoor scenes?"
outdoors (sometimes indoor)
Which of the following outdoor scenes appeals to you the most?
Paintings of:
"lakes, rivers, & oceans"
Which season would you most like to see depicted in a painting?
Spring and Winter
Which of the following types of indoor scenes appeals to you most?
still life paintings of/domestic scenes with:
flowers & animals
Do you tend to prefer paintings that are related to religion or those that are not related to religion?
not related
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"Paintings don't necessarily have to teach us any lessons, but can just be something a person likes to look at."
Which of the following statements is closest to your view?
"I prefer paintings that are realistic-looking: the more they resemble a photograph, the better

"Do you prefer paintings that exaggerate the dimensions or reality of objects we already know, or ones that feature imaginary objects which have no connection to everyday life?"
ones that feature imaginary objects and exaggeration of dimensions

"Do you prefer seeing bold, stark designs or more playful, whimsical designs?"
bold, stark designs
Do you tend to favor paintings with sharp angles or ones with soft curves?
sharp angles
"Which patterns do you like better: geometric patterns or more random uneven patterns?"
random uneven patterns
"Do you like to see expressive brush-strokes on the canvas, or do you prefer that the surface of the canvas be smooth, more like a photograph?"
brush strokes
Do you like to see colors blend into each other or do you like it when different colors are kept apart?
"Every color has a wide range of shades. Take the color blue, for example. An artist can use a bright, vibrant shade of blue, like a royal blue, a pale, muted shade of blue, like light blue, or a darker tone of blue, like dark or midnight blue. In general, which would you say that you prefer? when the artist uses more vibrant shades, paler shades, or darker shades of color?"
darker shades
"In general, do you enjoy paintings that have a more serious or a more festive mood?"
"And how about the painting itself - do you like it to be busy and contain lots of people or objects, or do you like it to be as simple as possible?"
busy,lots of people
How about the size of paintings: do you prefer larger paintings or smaller paintings?
"Some paintings are of famous historical figures and others are of more ordinary people. Do you generally prefer paintings of famous people, or ones of more ordinary paintings."
"If you prefer famous people, do you prefer figures from a long time ago, like Lincoln or Jesus, or more recent figures, like John F. Kennedy or Elvis Presley?"
figures from a long time ago
"Do you prefer paintings which are predominantly of children, of women, or of men, or doesn't it matter?"
doesn't matter
"Thinking back to the paintings of people that you have like in the past, for the most part were the figure working, at leisure, or were they posed portraits?"
"Which do you think you like better, a painting of one person or of a group of people?"
group of people
"And from what you've seen, would you say that you prefer paintings in which the person or people are nude, partially clothed or fully clothed?"
partially clothed or nude
If you were given the choice of a gift - a sum of money or a piece of art that you genuinely like and which was of equal value to the money, which would you choose?
sum of money
Which one of the following would be most important to you in deciding how much money you would spend on a painting?
the medium, such as oil or watercolor & the degree to which you like the painting
What is the most amount of money you would consider spending on a piece of art you really like?
"For each of the following names, indicate if your impressions of that artist's work are very favorable, favorable, or very unfavorable. Some of these artists are not very well known, so if you have never heard of someone, or don't know enough about their work to have an opinion, just say so."
Pablo Picasso- Favorable
Norman Rockwell- dont know them
Jackson Pollock- favorable
Salvador Dali- very favorable
Leroy Neiman- not favorable
Claude Monet- not favorable
Rembrandt- avorable
Andy Warhol- don't know him
Georgia O'Keefe- don't know
"If you could pick one type of person you'd most enjoy having dinner with, would you choose an artist, a television or movie actor, an author, or a sports star?"
movie actor
"How often, on average, would you say that you go to art museums - more than two times a year, one or two times a year, less than once a year, or not at all?
once a year
The following are some reasons people have given in the past as to why they do not go to art museums more often. For each reason, please tell whether it is a major reason why you do not go to musuems more often, a minor reason, or not a reason at all:
1. there is not an art museum in my area: major
2. I do not have enough spare time: major
3. I don't feel comfortable in art museums because I don't know a lot about art: not a reason
4. the cost of admission is too expensive: minor
5. I simply don't enjoy looking at art: minor
Would you favor or oppose spending more money in federal taxes than we do on the arts?
Some works of art are displayed in public places. Do you think that average citizens should or should not have a say in determining which works of art are appropriate to be displayed in public?
"When it comes to most political issues, do you think of yourself as a liberal, a conservative, or a moderate? If moderate, do you think of yourself as being closer to being liberal or being conservative?"
Which of the following income categories includes your total family income in 1992 before taxes
upper class
What is your gender?
1. People who are more concered with money, work, and time would most likely agree with me but on questions about what type of art people like, fewer would agree with me.

2. I would keep questions about what kind of art types people would pay more money for to get a feel for what mostly intrests them. I would throw out any questions and relate to politcal, biblical views.

3. Yes, it can easily narrow down the varity of choices in art that will be displayed.

Inflatable overview!

The inflatable octopus was built using basic geometric shapes such as a horse shoe like shape for the head and wave/curve shapes for the tentacles. As we cut we made sure to leave enough space for the melting. Luckily, the iron a team mate had did not require the use of aluminum foil so the process of fusing the piece began to get quicker. Last, we turned the pieces inside out to add a natural clean and curvy shape to each piece, then, with a tool that our group made, we just lay the structure down and melted all the pieces together till the octopus was complete.
Problems encountered was knowing what area of the octopus we were working on due to general size (huge). Also, there were many pieces to the structure, so keeping track of it all was very tedious. To our disadvantage, the wind was very strong. So even though our project had no problem inflating, the wind would overpower the structure and blow it down. Also, due to the increase of heat both inside and outside, hole would begin to form and would have to be patched up if it got to server. The process of making the octopus had one major struggle that was able to be solved by two of our team mates, it was making the head top (head) round instead of bulky and pointy.
The happy accidents that occurred was the wind blew the tentacles creating a nice visual, it was if the tentacles were flaying around in panic because the octopus lacked water. When we created the skirt we expected it to be completely flat but it was not and helped add to the circular shape of the octopus’s head. Lastly, for the majority of the project assembling it together was fairly easy and simple.

Friday, April 15, 2011

WASH Big Idea - Proposals

Survival Research Laboratories Essay

Afyter looking at alot of the Survival Research Laoratories pieces i realized i couldnt really tell how it looked like fantasy. Instantly, i had a closed mind and did not view there work as art. I just viewed it as robot wars. But nowadays anything can be art in some form or fashion so i looked up other things that are a form of to help me relate to the SRL pieces. The SRL pieces remind me this : An metal machine war verus human survival apocalypse. The same fantasy exsists in movies such as Nine and the Matirx. The performance that SRL give are very very similar to the performances given when you watch any robot war game shows or competitions. The big difference between the two is that the SRL targets artists, so the main feel and mood that is radiating from the performance is that of art. Where as robot wars, the feeling of i have to win and rivalry are being emited. THe way in which both of these performances are similar is that the two different feelings that are emphaized are shown in their oppoistes. Meaning, that the performance which is to be viewed as art also has a competivite edge to it. As a viewer you pick a robot you naturally want to win. And the robots are fighting or destroying each in other in some way. In the performance where it is a war or competition also has alot of art in it. The way the robot was painted, made, structured can be very unique and beautiful. Also at the end, the mess that was made and all the parts left on the floor can be unique in its self and be viewed as art. I disagree strongy with the idea that SRL is promoting mechanical violence. All robots that are made have the potential to be violent. Guns and lasers are machines and their only purpose is violences. Therefore, SRL is not prmoting machine violence beacuase of what they chose to do with there pieces. Also, the term "yanks with tanks" is used n german armies mainly. So to refer to SRL as "Yank with tanks" is senseless. The reason i think SRL is not stageing their performances in the middle east is obvious. SRL build machines that can be used for multiple things such as artistic destruction. To display that in the middle east, hte SRL group would not get a reaction such as "wow. art." it would be viewed as a possible threat. Therefore, if SRL stays within their demographic and a public group that knows about SRL they will have a better opportunity to get a reaction they are looking for. There Aduience would most likly include robot war patron and any local artisit or body of people that have some familiarity with SRL. I don't think some random person that has never had a intrest in SRL, robot or Robot wars would take the time out to go and see a show where they will have no idea what is going on.

The Color Project - Crit

Things i should have worked on is definately the craft of the frames. Luckily the paint on the sides helped hide mistakes from cutting the wood. For the Blue project, i should have made the wings fuller and let them grow more off the page to get a more finished look. The Dot project neeeded alot more work. I should have chosen a more drastic change in color value, lay down the background first, and then use multiple layers of dots to get the line like effect from the whole picture. For the rose Project, thou i bent the rules on the use of material, i tried to stay within parameters by using wax to get a transparent effect. With all that said i believe my grade should be a B to a -A.

Body as a landscape Crit

After listening to my groups crit, I relaized i should have used more skin insted of the face and clothes. I should get higer quailty pictures such as pictures with more focus. In result, when i change the image to black and white and adjust the contrast the overall pictures will be much much better. I should also test different areas of the body so i have a varitey of pictures of the body as a landscape.